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Make: Godrej-LVD.

Capacity: – 3100mm Long, 6.35mm Thick, with CNC Back gauge. 


  1. Hydralic Press: Make: Uni-Punch.Capacity: – 20 Tons.
  1. MIG Welding Machines – Make: Lincoln Electric France – (220 Amps, 280 Amps), Make: Panasonic Japan – (400 Amps),
  1. TIG Welding Machine: Make –Lincoln Electric France High Frequency AC/DC 200 Amps-  , Make: Lincoln Electric France Invertec type 160 Amps-
  1. Resistance Stud Welding machine: Make –Soyer Germany.Capacity – M4- M12 mm.
  1. Capacitor Discharge Nut welding machine: Make- Arctech, Pune.Capacity- M3- M16 mm.
  1. Stick Welding Machine – Make: Advani Oerlikon –Capacity – 200 Amps, 3 Phase.
  1. Bench Drilling Machine – Make: Eiffco – Capacity – 25 mm.
  1. Bench Drilling Machine – Make: Eiffco – Capacity – 13 mm.
  1. Radial Drilling Machine – Siddhapura – Capacity – 25 mm.  Tapping Attachment – 9 attachments up to M10.

       12.Belt Sander

  1. Disc Sanders – Make: Mico Bosch. Capacity: 7” & 5”


    1. Surface Table – Make: MMT. Size: 1200mm x 900mm.
    1. Angle Plate – 350mm x 450mm
    1. Vernier Height Gauge: 450mm
    1. Digital Versa Gauge – 600mm Specially suitable for inspection of sheet metal components.
    1. Digital Vernier Caliper – Make: Mitutoyo – 200mm, 650mm & Make: Mahr – 200mm
    1. Bevel Protractor – Make: Mitutoyo
    1. Outside Micrometer – Make: Mitutoyo – 0-25mm
    1. Plug Gauges – M3, M4, M5, M6.
    1. Ring Gauges – M3, M4, M5, M6.
    1. Vernier Caliper – Make: Mitutoyo – 1000MM, 600MM, 300MM


  1. Powder coating outfit –   5 nos. Itw gema (swiss)
  2. Powder coating booth – with back to back coating arrangement with  manual conveyor and cyclone recovery system.
  3. Overhead material handling system with manually movable trolleys to facilitate easy movement of materials from booth to oven and out.
  4. Oven: horizontal forced convection type gas /electrical oven of working area 4600mm l x 1100mm w x 1750mm h (800 sq.feet can be loaded at a time) of 60 kw. 
  5. Tanks: eight tank pre-treatment system of tank size 3000mm l x 1000mm w x 1200mm h of each with unique hot de-greasing, hot phosphating, hot passivation and with air agitation in all rinsing tanks to ensure through cleaning and surface preparation.
  6. 9th tank for hot air drying of the same size as above for drying components thoroughly before powder coating.
  7. Oh hoist 2 nos. Of one-ton capacity facilitating easy movement of materials from one tank to another tank.
  8. Air-drier of 35 cfm –air for powder application.
  9. Air-compressor of 38 hp for compressed air for cleaning of materials before powder coating.
  10. Captive power generation of 82.5 kva dg set ensures un-interrupted operation and execution of jobs in time.


  1. Elektrophysik minitest 600 f/n model coating thickness gauge for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials.
  1. Crosshatch tester astm d-3359 & bs 3900 fo adhesion test astm 3b level
  1. Conical bend test apparatus confirming to astm d-522 / bs 3900
  2. Titrating equipment for pre-treatment and phosphating bath concentration check.


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